Elephants weight, ceramic, hemp, aluminium, steel, eyelets, bolts and SE-5 mini clamps, 2019

Silent whisper, ceramic, steel, hemp and timber, 2019

Elephants weight, silent whisper, float, mushroom xi, xx, xxii, Fishermans friend, Caught, not forgotten

Installation view 2019

Nick Paton_10_Caught, not forgotten s.jpg

Caught, not forgotten, ceramic and bronze, 2019

Nick Paton_09_Fishermans Friend s.jpg

Fishermans friend, ceramic and bronze, 2019

Nick Paton_08_Float.jpg

Float, ceramic, 2019

A Salamanders Passage, October 2018

Ceramics, ply and rope

Hurd’s me deep, rebar and ceramic, 2018

Attle’s luck, ceramic and hessian, 2018

Insideout, ceramic and rope, 2018

Stick it in, ceramic and rope, 2018

Left a bit, Ceramic and rope, 2018

Slim line, ceramic and rope, 2018

Cleaver Square, November 2018

Smoke fired ceramic pipes and rope

‘a side parting’, September 2018, City and Guilds London Art School degree show

Smoke fires ceramic pipes, Cyanotypes on canvas OBS, rope and blankets, screws and eyelets.

‘A sharks tooth never drys’, May 2018, ASC Bow

Cyanotypes on cotton, smoke fired ceramics, glazed ceramics, rope, dowel, carabina, steel wire, steel, bolts, and washers

‘A constellation in Diaspora’, March 2018

Canvas, wire, wood, photo emulsion print, eyelets, bolts, brass, other art works (concealed)

‘Side Elbow’, Shuttering ply and glue, 2018

‘What State is the Sea State’, Cyanotype, Marine Ply and Glass, 2017

‘Waves’, c-type prints, 2012-present